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What is there to do in North-Limburg

What is there to do in North-Limburg

Welcome to the land of Rowwen Hèze and André Rieu !
Welcome to the Dutch Mountains !
Welcome to Limburg !

Charming Maas villages interspersed with strawberry and asparagus fields, and tree nurseries. This is the Maas valley to the west of Parc de Witte Vennen. To the east towards the German border lie woodlands and moorlands, and the Maasduinen national park with its lakes, Leukermeer en Reindersmeer. A cycle tour from our Parc towards Germany is a fantastic trip through old villages and nature’s beauty. De Grote Peel national park lies to the south-west. Closer to home and to the north of Oostrum is the sprawling country estate of Geijsteren. In short, nature is in abundance.

A few kilometres from our Parc lies the main provincial town of Venray, with its wide selection of shops, bars, cafés and restaurants, theatre and cinema. Venray also has its own convention centre. For more extensive shopping try the new Outlet centre in the old city centre of Roermond. Düsseldorf or Maastricht are best for more sophisticated shopping.

North Limburg is ideal for excursions. Overloon and Arcen are great nearby tourist places with many activities. The German town of Kevelaer is well worth a visit. North Limburg is ideal for cycling because of its flat countryside.


Car and motorcycle route, North Limburg

Limburg is full of beautiful scenery, numerous tourist attractions and fun activities. Discover it by car or motorbike. We have created a great car and motorbike route especially for you through the North Limburg countryside. Around 100 km, it meanders through charming villages and memorable places. Click here to download this route.