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Cycling in North-Limburg

Five cycling routes

Available at the reception

Cycling in North-Limburg

Cycling in North-Limburg

Cycling is a popular activity in North Limburg where Dutch mountains don’t really exist. Explore the area around Oostrum and Venray and discover the beauty of North Limburg.

Cycle routes in all directions from our Parc take you past asparagus fields, chapels and the beautiful parishes of Venray. Explore the diverse nature and discover the differences between the Maas and the Peel. One of our cycling routes also goes as far as the German pilgrim town of Kevelaer. Available for free at reception, where bicycles can be rented.

Maasduinen & Peel Circuit

Through the Maas valley and the Maasduinen National Park. Via cycle ferries to Reindersmeer and the Loonse dunes, nature and still more nature! Attratctive rest points. Click here to download this route.